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Vozol Bar 500 Strawberry Ice Cream

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Vozol Strawberry Ice Cream comes with the flavor of sweet strawberry ice cream and lasts up to 500 puffs; which is equal to more than two packages of regular cigarettes.

Vozol Bar 500 is a tobacco-free one-use vape that comes with a gradient body. The device is activated by inhalation and requires no maintenance, charging, or refilling. Each unit contains 2 ml of flavored e-juice.


Per single package
Dimensions: 125 (h) x 23,5 (w) x 23,5 (l) mm
Weight: 32 g
Battery: 400 mAh

Per 10 package
Dimensions: 127 (h) x 48,5 (w) x 122,5 (l) mm
Weight 320 g

Note: Sold in packs of 10.


Nicotine Strength  mg/g