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  • LOOP Hot Rhubarb Strong Snus Can

LOOP Hot Rhubarb Strong

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LOOP Hot Rhubarb Strong

LOOP Hot Rhubarb Strong are nicotine pouches with a sweet flavor from rhubarb with a hot hint of chili. Each can contain 22 slim pouches with a strong nicotine content (3/4). 

  • Flavor: Fruity
  • Format: Slim
  • Nicotine: 15 mg/g
  • Pouches: 22 pcs
  • Net weight: 13,75 g
  • Brand: LOOP
  • Manufacturer: Another Snus Factory

All LOOP's products are served in environmentally friendly cans - PlantCanTM - made 100% from plant-based material and recycled plastic, all to reduce the impact on our environment.


Nicotine Strength  mg/g