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CAMO Grape Slim Strong Nicotine Pouches

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CAMO Grape Slim Strong Nicotine Pouches

CAMO Grape Slim Strong has a mild but intense taste of sweet grapes. Delivered in a slim format with a strong nicotine content of 25 mg/g. These pouches suit sweet-toothed users that are looking for a strong kick. 

  • Flavor: Fruity
  • Format: Slim
  • Nicotine: 25 mg/g
  • Pouches: 24 pcs
  • Net weight: 12 g
  • Brand: CAMO
  • Manufacturer: CAMO Snus

CAMO produces high-quality tobacco-free nicopods that have no negative impact on the people around you. CAMO nicotine pouches come in a variety of different intensities and flavors, offering a perfect combination for everyone.


Nicotine Strength  mg/g